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A little less than a year after moving to Atlanta, I tell the story of renting as a queer couple in the south over at xoJane:

… after gathering information regarding available apartments and rental rates, my partner raised the critical concern. “The website says you only rent to married couples, and I would be moving with my partner,” they explained, “but we aren’t married.” The leasing director cut in, “I’m sorry, but we don’t allow that. You see, we’re a Christian complex.”
This came as a surprise. It hadn’t mentioned the religious affiliation anywhere on the website. Still, we had a defense. “Well,” my partner explained, “we’re a same-sex couple and we can’t get married in Georgia.”
It was as though we had spoken some secret code, causing the leasing director to reverse course. “Oh, then of course you can rent here,” she assured us. “That’s fine. You know, it’s just that we’re concerned about premarital sex.”
Keep reading to find out what happens next…

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